A Delectable, Picturesque AcQUAINTance

I had the pleasure today of visiting a new cafe in town. I’d heard about this mere-week-old place at Jawahar Kala Kendra, a place I’ve frequented since I was a little child, enjoyed many a dosa at its iconic original cafe. My intrigue then, when I saw pictures of this NEW cafe, completely different in its ambiance as well as its food (from what one had been used to at JKK), had grown! Normally I’m the first to arrive at most any new-food-place in town (starved as we in Jaipur tend to be of decent dining); traveling robbed me of that ‘first to be there’ pleasure. I’m delighted to report though, Jaipur, we have a wonderful NEW place to eat, and shoot the breeze!

Nestled in the already stunning JKK, this 1st floor little eatery called Cafe Quaint, is an idyllic spot. True to its name, it is simple, quaint, calming, zen, and utterly charming. It seems to believe in a rather simple¬†mantra –¬†great coffee and a few sweet and savory dishes made using fresh ingredients. I’m tempted to, but I am not going to spoil your process of discovery by listing what we ate, how it tasted etc etc. Suffice it to say that it is like a little non-vegetarian version of Anokhi Cafe, only exponentially prettier.

The two lovely young ladies Ayesha & Twinkle who have embarked on this journey are always present, welcoming, hospitable, vivacious. I wish them every success. And finally of the place.. Here’s what I have to say…

Winter days, al fresco, surrounded by art, culture, lush greens, murals, and mostly a whole lot of inspiration. It really is that little piece of paradise in which to reflect, write, create, be inspired, and feed one’s SOUL!


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