Fashionably Inclined!

Each time there is a new set of students I am due to interact with, I am filled with excitement, hope and enthusiasm. That this time it is several sets of current and fresh batches of Fashion & Design students at the much-respected ARCH Design College, is only adding to the real possibility of making a significant impact. And for an educator, this is in fact, the best-case-scenario.

Archana, the visionary founder of ARCH, had the foresight to evaluate her students’ education from a holistic standpoint. A Design School that excels in each aspect of its work, has been evolving over a near-two decade journey; to acknowledge the need, and seek help in bringing to their students, a Professional Communications Program that will manifest their talent, ideas and proposals into convincing, well-thought-out expression, is admirable in itself. Combine that with a basics-of-film-making workshop and you hopefully expose students to an ‘umbrella’ of self-expression that will only enhance and bolster their inherent  individuality. And to be entrusted with this task, is a matter of great pride for me, both personally as well as professionally.

Today, we embark upon this journey. An important journey. A crucial journey. Because an individual may be the world’s most creative Design-Thinker, unless that person can communicate that to the world, it is a gift, wasted. And so, I begin yet another chapter in my own journey as an educator, with cautious optimism, and an unwavering belief that we will, together, augment the skill-set of this wonderful bunch of students.

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