In a world where education is becoming increasingly staid and prosaic, it always helps to remind ourselves of some inspiring stories of some educators, students, and institutions. A lot of people have probably watched these three films. They are not new. But they will always be FRESH, and my absolute favorites.

Good Will Hunting, the Academy Award Winning film where an unusually talented janitor at MIT is discovered and guided by Robin Williams’s character.

The original, the precursor to School Of Rock; in my view Mr.Holland’s Opus is one of the most moving, uplifting films about a Music Teacher wonderfully portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss, proving how beautifully cathartic teaching can be, and what an impact a great teacher, albeit an ordinary mortal, can make in a student’s life!

The English Teacher in this case, played once again by Robin Williams, inspires his students to look at poetry from a completely unique perspective, helping his students discover themselves in the process. Dead Poets Society’s Mr.Keating leaves an indelible impression!

These masterpieces are easily available on blueray and dvd.  Buy them, rent them, WATCH them, AGAIN!

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    1. You’re absolutely right.. I just heard the most amazing lady on KBC the other night.. She had been formally educated till grade 10 and if memory serves me, won 50 lacs.. She said that what’s important is to gain knowledge, not degrees! And that knowledge can come from anywhere.. People shun music, films, even the internet.. Especially parents, who, perhaps rightly so, feel these are distractions to learning.. But if moderated correctly, they can be invaluable tools for knowledge assimilation.

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