Food – Writing’s Greatest Muse!

So my wife and I have been frequenting Cafe Quaint. As most of you know, I absolutely adore the place. It has quickly emerged as my absolute favorite. In fact, I have, despite it being far from my home in Bani Park, started taking most of my work meetings there as well! The reflective calm ambiance, the cocooned, artistic backdrop of JKK, and the divine food – it all makes for a rather enticing spot.

As most of my regular readers will also know, I am a writer, a teacher, and a complete foodie. So it occurred to me, why not combine all three! And the wonderful ladies at Quaint, both Ayesha and Twinkle, instinctively played along, and ‘Brew A Tale’ is born.

I think most of us can identify with great food moments. Memories related to food that stand the test of time, and stand out in our mind space. I used to think only us Indians are food obsessed. But having had the privilege of living and studying the world over, I can tell you that food makes the entire world go round. But I digress. Thing is, food memories are dear to us all, is undeniable. What is also beyond debate, is that the best writing comes from emotionally charged memories. Despite my aversion to and absolutely appalling math skills, I’m going to say that

Food Memories = Great Stories

Brew A Tale is an evening workshop that I’m conducting at Cafe Quaint on the upcoming 10th of March, Saturday, 5pm, that will explore precisely this notion – stories that arise from food memories, food experiences, food emotions. How we recall not just dishes that we loved, but, like music, food makes us identify certain important events, phases, and stages in our lives. It defines relationships, binds us to people and places, and makes us reminisce with nostalgia.

It may be a bowl of Ramen that I ate at Quaint that reminded me of a trip to the Orient, or a Carrot Cake that I had there with my evening tea, that sparks a trip down memory lane and makes me think of my grandma and herĀ gajar halwa! We all have those remembrances within us. So let us come together and dig them out, and fashion them into Blogs, Reviews & Stories. Because food really is, one of writing’s greatest muses!

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