Being at an all-boys boarding school one’s notion of love tends to become, well, a bit skewed. When I got to college, I fell in love, instantly! And in all sincerity and innocence,  thought she was, the one!

After a string of relationships, each of which at the time, in utmost seriousness, to me, would naturally evolve into matrimony; I realized it (love) really isn’t about ONE person. This silly, foregone conclusion didn’t come easy to me. It took time, many years,  heartbreaks, tears, and if I must confess, very shabby treatment meted out by me, for which I am ashamed and sorry.

And then, one fine day, almost 15 years ago, I met Anuja. I’ve written lots about how she stuck by me despite all my problems. Wrangled the demons out of me. Reformed me. So I won’t go on about that. What I do wish to share is that today, a day prior to our 9th wedding anniversary, I think my understanding of Love has finally ripened. And so, I’d like to leave you with a few lines where I shall try to explain that understanding. But before that, I have to say, Love, is the MOST beautiful and IMPORTANT thing of all in this entire world. Go be in love, give yourself, to someone.

Unwrap your heart
Unravel your soul
Untie your ego
Undo your pain
Unhinge your feelings
Unbind your darkness
Unwind your hurt
Un-mind the world
Un-mire the past



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