Of The Brood!

When our daughter Krisha was to be born, MANY people, friends, family members, ‘well wishers’ asked us, and advised us on our ‘pets quarantine’ plan. “How are you planning to keep your new born baby and the pets apart?” “How will you ensure that the baby is protected from the pets?” These, and many more questions were raised, and answered by the very same people 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong.. Not for a minute am I demeaning or unappreciative of the genuine concern that all these people had. Having said that, if you asked me WHAT we finally did? The honest answer would be – ZILCH!

Sure, we got lucky. That our daughter, as it turned out, was born, not showing any obvious signs of allergies from the pets – our 8 year old pug Mojo and our two cats Zachary & ZeeZee; all seemed to make ‘no’ difference to Krisha, at least from a ‘medical’ standpoint. THANK GOD! First fear overcome, my wife Anuja and I realized that that ‘first’ fear, really was our ONLY fear. That settled, a distant second concern that the pets would unwittingly hurt Krisha, paled quickly when we realized that pets, and animals in general, are the most sensitive, aware, careful creatures on the planet – much more I dare say, than us humans!

Now 7 months into this new journey with Krisha, aside from the expected pangs of jealousy especially our pug experienced; things seem happy 🙂


This brings me then to the main point I’d like to make. A child that grows up around pets is bound to benefit in many ways. Pets give love, unconditionally. This can be a huge source of emotional support for a child. A pet can also become that one true confidant to a child, someone who unconsciously helps the child deal with the myriad upheavals of growing up. Of course, caring for a pet, and seeing the pet being cared for, will most certainly instill a sense of responsibility as well as empathy. Also, soliciting interaction will only help a child develop communication skills. So be it psychological well-being, mental stimulation, or character-building; for a child to grow up among pets can only be advantageous.

I am excited for the years that lie ahead and to see Krisha grow with our little brood 🙂

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