A selection of some of Kartik’s Videos, Press Cuttings from Newspapers, Testimonial & Institutional Videos and his most recent forays

Media & Press Coverage of Kartik when he was invited to be Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker at the Soft Skills Week at SKIT

Kartik Interviewed by Happiness Coach Aastha Tatia on her show Tete-A-Tete With Movers & Shakers

Student Testimonial – Prashant Mishra

TIED – The Inclusive Education Dialogue, Panel 2, Press Coverage

The entire Panel Discussion can be watched/viewed at:

Kartik’s Interview on Keeping It Real With Ramona, Press Coverage

The entire Interview/Conversation can be viewed at:

Kartik Interviewed by EduTV

The entire Interview can be Watched/Viewed at:

TIED – The Inclusive Education Dialogue, Panel 1, Press Coverage

The entire Panel Discussion can be watched/viewed at:

Canvas International Pre Schools Interviews Kartik & Anuja on Parenting

The entire Interview/Conversation can be Watched/Viewed at:

Kartik is invited as a Panelist by Jaipuria School to share his thoughts on Alternative Education & using Art-Integrated Teaching

His portion of the Webinar can be Watched/Viewed at:

When you get a group of learners that’s bright, passionate, talented and artistically, intellectually hungry, you have the most deeply satisfying experience as a Mentor/Teacher. All these adjectives ring true for Isha, whom Kartik had as a participant & fellow-seeker in his just-concluded Online #lifeinquarantine Writing Workshop Prologue

Utkarsh Singh, a middle-school student from Gurgaon who just took Kartik’s JOT Writing & Communication Skills Workshop (online edition) with Hello English, shares his thoughts. It is for feedback like this, that Teachers & Mentors work tirelessly. So very delighted to have another young life, positively impacted

Participative, Enthusiastic, Engaged & Engrossed.. That is the palpable sense Kartik got from the wonderful members of chapter Pearl of the BNI as he addressed them about The Art Of Speaking.

Entrepreneurs need ’emotionally charged’ Public Speaking skills too! It’s not all about numbers, facts, figures & statistics. That’s the core message Kartik shared through his session Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs to 100 powerful & self-made entrepreneurs at the Blue Jade chapter of the BNI.

It was such a pleasurable evening to be part of Shakti, Anshula Tayal’s proud & powerful series representing the various facets of an empowered woman. To not just be able to inaugurate the show but also be able to share my thoughts with the gathering, was special indeed.

Kartik’s first Writing & Communications Skill Workshop ‘Writing 101’ in collaboration with English Learning App Hello-English took place to a packed-house and was also covered by the Media

It was an absolute pleasure to be present and speak as a Mentor at Hello English’s amazing Public Speaking Immersion series grand finale where remarkably young & articulate learners presented compelling speeches. Kartik also introduced his own association and upcoming workshops in collaboration with Hello English

A Ballad Of Shades is a 3 day Art Show unlike many others. A labour of love and brainchild of Gurgaon-based gallerist & artist Aparna Banerjee, this is one show that puts YOUNG CHILDREN artists front & centre.

Kartik was delighted to Inaugurate and be part of the show at Jawahar Kala Kendra.

One of Kartik’s students whom he Mentored & Taught among a group/team of 6, middle-schoolers who participated in, and won medals at the prestigious World Scholar’s Cup at the Yale University in America, shares his experiences of their sessions!


It fills Kartik with immense pride to share that 6 young thought-leaders have WON BIG on the world stage. The World Scholar’s Cup, recently held at Yale University, put these bright young minds directly in the cross hairs of the best of the best, globally.

That they have emerged triumphant, with a Medal each at least to their names, is telling testament to their intellect, wit, thoughts, opinions & powers of observation & communication. Rigorous rounds of Writing & Debating couldn’t dampen their spirits, on the contrary, made them raise their game and compete at the highest international levels.

The Golds, Silvers they have won aside, what makes Kartik joyous & proud is their sheer tenacity, will & self-motivation.

That Kartik had a tiny part in Mentoring this brilliant-bunch is just the icing on the cake. He is especially glad that they were the students he last interacted with before his surgery & resultant voice-loss (temporary), and the first visitors he had over, post his Thyroidectomy.

It’s been a privilege for Kartik to guide them through this competition and he hopes, more importantly, they will keep & employ the Communication Skills they have imbibed, through life! Thank you to the parents for getting him involved ?


Kartik is Super Proud of you guys. Bravo!

A Few Images of Kartik Inaugurating ICA Gallery’s ‘India At Large’ Art Show on Gandhi Jayanti

A selection of Kartik’s ‘Mastering The Art Of Public-Speaking’ Interactive Session with 450 Engineering Students at SKIT 

Glimpses of Kartik’s Public-Speaking Workshop Talk-The-Talk at Bistro Quaint

Kartik’s first Ted Talk. Delivered in the hope that YOUNG STUDENTS the world over will look INWARD, search & DISCOVER their own UNIQUENESS, embrace it, celebrate it, and SEEK a truly HAPPY & CONTENT Future-Self!

Kartik was invited to judge a Photography Contest at the Palace School. Here are glimpses

Kartik was invited to the Independence Day Celebrations of the GEMS Modern Academy in Gurgaon where he interacted with the students, shared some thoughts on freedom, and conducted short Communications Skills Workshops with all the students. Glimpses

Glimpses of Kartik’s Branding Workshop Mark Up! at Bistro Quaint

Kartik was invited to judge the seniors Business Pitch Competition at the Jayshree Periwal International School


Kartik was invited to deliver a Talk cum Communication Skills Workshop with Final Year & New MBA students at the School of Business Management of the Jaipur National University

Kartik was asked to deliver a Ted Talk at the Neerja Modi School. Here are some pictures from that inspiring event

Kartik’s recent week-long Communications Workshop at the Scindia School Gwalior, attended by grades 6 to 12. He also met and advised the Editorial Board, students as well as Language Teaching Heads. A selection of pictures

Kartik was asked to be the Guest Of Honour, Individual Speaker & Panelist at Remarkable Education’s ‘Careers Without Barriers’ Scholarship & Education Event in Jodhpur

It was such an immensely proud moment for Kartik & his wife Anuja to be part of the Book Launch for Navya Sharma’s debut novel Scratch 

Kartik’s Writing Workshop at The Doon School covered in the Media

A glimpse of Kartik on First India News sharing his views on ‘Janta Ki Awaz’ Debate Talk Show where the discussion centred on the representation of Hindi & Regional Languages in the Jaipur Literature Festival, questioning the need for Parallel Festivals with a more regional flavour

The IIS University held the 6th edition of their annual All India IISU English Debate on Saturday 2nd February. Kartik, who was asked to be a Judge for the event, enthusiastically listened to the excellent points of view from students of various colleges. In his remarks he shared some handy Tips for Debaters and congratulated the University and Participants on the high standard of Debating

Kartik’s Article was featured in the widely respected newspaper the Hindu. The write up entitled ‘Striking The Right Chord’ shed light and provided insights into the essential Student-Teacher Relationship 

Always a proponent of the Arts, Kartik was privileged & humbled to be invited to Inaugurate the beautiful & thought-provoking ‘Khoj’ Art Exhibition at the Jawahar Kala Kendra. Here’s a glimpse of him along with the artists

As a Mentor to the ConfettiBox Kids Festival, Kartik curated & moderated an extremely important Panel Discussion on ‘Seeking Happiness’ in and for young children. Here are glimpses.

Kartik wrote extensively across media on Instilling Correct Values in Children through the Christmas & Holiday Season. Here’s one of his Articles

It’s always lovely when a media house acknowledges good work. Thank you to Patrika for spreading the word about ConfettiBox, the two-day Kid’s Festival that begins tomorrow at the Diggi Palace Hotel, of which Kartik is a Mentor


Kartik is delighted to share his views with Mumbai. His Article on Student-Teacher Rapport in the After Despatch & Courier Newspaper

Kartik’s Article in the Indian Express on the importance of Confident Communication for Students

Kartik’s Article on how to use Digitization to espouse a Holistic Education featured in one of Mumbai’s premier newspapers, The Afternoon

Kartik is Humbled & Delighted to come on-board the Confetti Box Team. It is always a great feeling when people, organisations, events and festivals feel that he can contribute meaningfully. To steer the extremely relevant & important Panel Discussion and overall Planning for this beautiful Kids Festival is most satisfying. Confetti Box Kids Festival will be on the 24th & 25th of December @ Diggi Palace Hotel

It was a privilege and a delight for Kartik to be asked to Host the legendary Swiss Landwehr Orchestra to mark 3 landmark occasions – 70 years of the Indo-Swiss Friendship Treaty, Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Year & 70 years of the Clark’s Group’s Foundation. An enthralling, scintillating evening ???

Gulsheen Kaur, a student of Kartik’s during the Professional Communication Program he Mentored at the ARCH College of Design, is someone whom he really enjoyed interacting with, not in the least because she organized everything he needed perfectly. Here she shares her thoughts on Kartik’s sessions and has some rather generous compliments to give

Sejal, one of Kartik’s students at the ARCH College of Design, shares her experience and thoughts on our classes. Kartik feels that “Teaching has happily become my preferred preoccupation, and being a teacher, my proud identity. And if this is the kind of favor my interaction finds with my students, I’m absolutely thrilled to share whatever little I can, forever”

“Always wonderful to be associated with a cause that’s important and finds it due in the media. It was a pleasure to be asked to speak at #YouthKiAwaaz #DemocracyAdda #rajasthanpatrika” says Kartik

Kartik’s dear friend and student, published Writer Reshma Banthia Dugar shares her experience of his Writing Workshop INK at the beautiful Toss. “Thanks for such glowing compliments Reshma. I think I learned more from you than you did from me! On a serious note though, this is what inspires me to keep going.. And I’m blessed to have students who range from age 5 to seasoned, published writers such as yourself! Much love..”, says Kartik

It was humbling to be asked to preside over the Investiture Ceremony as the Chief Guest at St. Xaviers College last week. Interacting with Young Leaders, Administering the Oath; a real privilege. Karti’s heartfelt gratitude to Doctor Bose and Principal Dr. Rai 

It feels great when a prestigious newspaper such as the Patrika asks Kartik to share his views.. On an occasion like Teacher’s Day, makes it extra special. 

What an exceptional few days it’s been. An outpouring of love and praise from Kartik’s most precious students. Here’s Ananya sharing her perspective on Kartik’s Professional Communication classes at ARCH ? 

Ayushi, a NIFT graduate now continuing her Fashion Education at the ARCH College of Design has been one of the most enthusiastic, participative students of Kartik’s Professional Development classes. Thanks for being there and lifting the spirits of the group ? 

Snehha, a Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant, also the vivacious student who’s effervescence permeated Kartik’s entire class at ARCH shares her thoughts on their Professional Communication classes

It is with pride that Kartik shares a friend & student’s Story & Poem. One that, as a Writing Mentor, he knows he had a little something to do with. Reshma Banthia Dugar, a student of Kartik’s INK Writing Workshop, spoke about this idea at length during the program and Kartik is delighted that with a little prodding, she did it, and did it so beautifully! Published in the Himalayan Times

Sahil, one of the more vocal and involved students in Kartik’s  1st group of Professional Communication sessions at ARCH, generously shares his experience. Whenever an interaction yields an impact, it’s extremely moving.. Justifies a teacher’s hard work.. 

“When I started teaching at the Arch College of Design little over a month ago, I had a sense I’d be liked. I tend to get on with my students.

What was entirely unexpected was the outpouring of love I experienced this morning as I concluded my Professional Communication Program for my 1st Group of students.

A Cake, several handmade Cards, photographs, and a plea to conduct more classes!!! Absolutely overwhelmed..

People hanker after certificates, trophies and degrees. Crave wealth and success. To me, THIS is my most precious asset. To make a difference in students’ lives.

My modest little soft board is full, and I’m speechless. Thanks my dear dear students.” Says Kartik

Deep Gratitude Anshu Harsh & Simply Jaipur for continued support and recognition of Kartik’s work, particularly as an Educator. What he is trying to do is sometimes tough for people, especially for Parents to understand.. Hopefully this feature in the July-August issue of Simply Jaipur gives readers a glimpse into his simple education philosophy. 

Bonds Worth Celebrating… Lovingly christened the ‘famous 8th grader’; Priyal gave Kartik, as her Mentor, the privilege of interacting with a Writer, more importantly with a Human Being, far beyond her years.. It was a treat for him, personally and professionally.

It is always Kartik’s endeavor to go beyond the brief of a ‘teacher’ and bond with his students at various levels.  That, he believes, is what makes a great Educator. Here’s one of his students Sara Gogna, a young High School student sharing her thoughts on having Kartik as a Mentor

Ekta Sharma, Home Maker, former Fashion-Industry Professional & Designer, and a student of Kartik’s INK Workshop at The Open Space Society (TOSS) shares her experiences

It’s immensely flattering & inspiring to receive such a generous testimonial from a student. Here’s Mahima Kirori, an accomplished lawyer, and one of Kartik’s INK Writing Workshop students, sharing her thoughts 

Receiving a Thumbs Up from a Student’s Parent always inspires better work

“A glowing testimonial such as this makes all the time, effort, and sporadic heartache of teaching well worth it”, says Kartik upon receiving a letter from one of his long-term Workshop students 

Each time an organization, a festival, or an institution extends a Board Membership, it is humbling. A testament to the work Kartik has been doing. With the Jaipur Youth Festival (JYF) right around the corner, Kartik is delighted to serve on the board; more importantly, Curate the Panel Discussions through the Festival and conduct a Workshop that will sensitize and educate the youth

As an Educator, Kartik strives to reach as many students as possible. As part of that quest, he will shortly begin an association with the excellent ARCH Design & Business College as Visiting Faculty – Professional Communication. Gratitude to Founder Archana Surana

THE GREAT INDIAN BOOK TOUR, a fresh, ‘novel’ approach to a Literary Festival, that aims to be local, regional, personal, and nurture unknown, hidden literary talent, asked Kartik to join the Advisory Team

When a newspaper covers you and the work you’re doing, it’s one of life’s biggest boosts. Wonderful to have Kartik’s Writing Workshop INK written about in Rashtradoot.

A Feature in the city’s preeminent Lifestyle Magazine ‘Simply Jaipur’ provides an insight into some of Kartik’s work as an Educator:

Kartik was honored to be invited as one of the Guests for the Graduating Fashion Show at the ARCH College of Design & Business and looks forward to working closely with the institution in various capacities:

Reshma Banthia Dugar, published Writer & Poet had this to share upon attending Kartik’s month -long Creative Writing Workshop INK at The Open Space Society:

“I’m so grateful to you Kartik and would like to say THANKYOU. You’ve helped me to come out of my shell and grow as I writer. I’m now able to share my thoughts, write ups and stories with much confidence which will help me deal with both appreciation and criticism. It’s been a wonderful experience at TOSS with “THE CLASS” and I think this is going to be the twist in my life story.”

Kartik’s recent foray into ONLINE Distance Teaching gets a rousing testimonial from his Bikaner based Home-Maker/Hotelier student Meenu Rampuria

Sharmila Galundia, Founder of Wonder Years Pre-School talks about having Kartik conduct the first of many Writing Workshops at her school 

TOSS (The Open Space Society) represents a convergence of creativity and creators. The institution provides the perfect springboard from where one can catapult one’s ideas into stories. Kartik is always delighted to conduct his Writing Programs and Workshops here and makes it a point that the learning process is fun, insightful and collaborative. He always, as is now tradition, concludes each program with a Reading of Stories. Its wonderful that the good folks at TOSS always make a video that captures it all. Happy and proud to share it

Kartik’s 1st Food-Based Writing Workshop that he curated & conducted at the picturesque Cafe Quaint at JKK featured in the DNA

Kushagra Juneja, Managing Partner at the eco-services company Design 2 Occupancy, shares his thoughts on Kartik’s Writing Workshop and on having him as a teacher. 

I T Professional turned Screenplay Writer, Film Editor & aspiring Director Praveen Yadav, one of the 1st students of Prologue, Kartik’s  Fiction Writing Workshop, shares his experience..

Ace Photographer & Film Maker Sumit Bharadwaj, who attended Kartik’s ongoing series of Prologue Writing Workshops on Fiction Writing, shares his experience of having Kartik as a Teacher:

Diptamoy Goswami, a student of Kartik’s ongoing series of Prologue Fiction Writing Workshops, a retired, Ex Corporate Vice President at the Tata Group and accomplished author of the immensely popular & important ’10 Bizzare Interview Glitches’ shares his thoughts on Kartik as a Teacher
“Am pleasingly surprised by this andragogue, whose picture that I painted, upon reading his ornate bio data was so different from his down to earth, amicable and effective true self. Great motivator and a wonderful human being, Kartik really is a gifted writer, who completely refrains from jargons while teaching. He actually brings story writing into the realm of any body who can observe, feel or imagine a character. “

Kartik’s Hosting & Moderating of the Write Circle series of Literary Author Interactions, in this case with the eminent author of such books as Scene 75 & Karan Johar’s Unsuitable Boy, Poonam Saxena, featured in the DNA After Hours


Kartik’s Mastclass on ‘Humanizing Branding’ held at The Open Space Society (TOSS) recapped in this beautiful video made by the organizers & hosts

“Dear Kartik,
On behalf of entire I Create family i would like to thank you for being the Master of Ceremonies at the Award Function of 12th National business Plan competition.
As usual you were impeccable and totally professional, nobody could have done it better.
Your presence dignified the occasion and your attention to detail and professionalism was evident from start to finish.
It was truly a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and talented person like you.
Ranju Mehta
Regional Director- North
I Create India

 Pankaj Dubey, one of India’s best selling authors, gave Kartik the wonderful opportunity to Moderate the Jaipur launch of his 3rd bilingual novel Love Curry, alongside the Jaipur Literature Festival. He very generously shares his experience of working with Kartik.

The young & enthusiastic team at Colored Ink interviewed Kartik on his journey and metamorphosis from working in the Media Industry in Mumbai to his work as an Educator, Writer & Moderator.

World Renowned & Globally Awarded Cli-Fi Novelist J.L. Morin shares her experiences of her Panel Discussions Moderated by Kartik at the World Book Fair in New Delhi

Globally Awarded Playwright, Screenplay Writer, Short Story Writer, Fierce Champion of Zero-Waste Living Jeanie Keogh shares her experience of working with Kartik as the Moderator at the recently concluded World Book Fair in Delhi. 

Kartik in Conversation with the Youth Icon Anuradha Menon aka Lola Kutty at the Woman Up! Summit

A Short Clip of Kartik Conducting the ‘Climate Change’ Session with European Authors at the EU Pavilion at the World Book Fair in New Delhi

Best Selling author of ‘Daughter By Court Order’ & fierce advocate for Women’s Rights, Ratna Vira whom Kartik had the pleasure and privilege of Moderating as part of the Write Circle series shares her views on their Conversation

Kartik explains the raison d’etre of ‘Prologue’, his Short Story Writing Workshop held at the lovely TOSS (The Open Space Society)

A beautiful Summary-Video made by the good folks at The Open Space Society (TOSS) on Kartik’s Writing Workshop ‘Prologue’


Dainik Bhaskar covers Kartik’s Writing Workshop ‘Prologue’
DNA covers Kartik’s Writing Workshop  ‘Prologue’


Kartik’s Voice Modulation Workshop to help High School children record Audio Textbooks for the visually impaired