A selection of some of Kartik’s Stand-Alone or Regular Programs where he Teaches, Mentors, or has been a Guest Speaker


Confident Communication (edition 2) starts March 14th 2020

JOT & VERVE start on March 18th 2020




Kartik was invited by his alma mater, The Doon School, to Mentor & Conduct a Writing Workshop for Middle School students. Over his 3-day interaction with the boys, he gave them a glimpse of Fiction as well as Non-Fiction Writing. 

Kartik was invited by Amity University to conduct a Workshop on Film Scripting with the students of the Mass Communication. The all-day session was interactive, insightful, and involving, with students first being introduced to the use of Symbolism & Visual Metaphors, followed by Script Structure & Character Development. The workshop ended with students presenting their individual film ideas followed by a lively discussion.

Heartfelt gratitude to Toss and to Aditi Rao for a most enriching Open Session. Not only did Kartik enjoy moderating the conversation, being an Educator who teaches Writing & Communication, he learned alot, as did the packed house in attendance. Insights into Poetry and Non Fiction Writing were most informative


The Sanskar School reached out to Kartik to help their Senior IB Students brush up their Non-Fiction Essay-Writing Skills. Kartik held a Non-Fiction Writing Workshop with the students and will be Mentoring them by assessing their essays and providing critical feedback

Kartik was asked by SV Public School to conduct a Creative Communications Program to Grades 7 & 8 to aid in their Written and Spoken Communication Skills. The Program kicked off with an ice-breaking session where Kartik did an introduction-exercise and screened a Short Film on ‘Freedom’


Thoroughly invigorating discussions #YouthKiAwaaz #DemocracyAdda “I’d like to thank everyone involved including Debesh & Anshul for reaching out, asking me to speak, and most importantly, organizing this extremely vital platform for the youth to engage with elections & politics.. Gratitude to all my co-panalists for such an enlightening chat”

The Twitter & Youth Ki Awaaz ‘Democracy Adda’ will focus on one Central Question ahead of State Elections – Is The Youth Politically Engaged? This question will be delved into by imminent practitioners, educationists & people who work with the youth. Kartik has been invited to be part of a Panel Discussion at the Adda on Saturday 6th of October. To find out more details about the event, go to the YouthKiAwaaz Facebook Page

Kartik’s Short Story Writing Workshop FABLE on the opening day of The Great Indian Book Tour saw over 80 participants across all age groups, school children, college students and older people including some published authors! What a wonderful experience to be able to interact with such a wide range of reading, writing and literature enthusiasts. Gratitude to the city of Jaipur, to participants who came from out of town, from Pune, Bombay and beyond, and to The Great Indian Book Tour

Aside from serving as Board Member of the unique Great Indian Book Tour, Kartik also conducted a Story-Writing Workshop ‘Fable’ as part of the excellent 3-Workshop Package during the inaugural edition of the Literary Festival & Book Fair in Jaipur

As an educator, Kartik’s ongoing endeavor is to expose students to positive and influential interactions that might instigate thought & expression. He was delighted that Anuja Mishra (Kartik’s wife, media-professional, writer) agreed to make time and talk to his Foundation Students at ARCH about various aspects of her life including her two-decade long Media Career, her observations and experience of Biases & Stereotyping as a result of being a woman. What followed was a free-flowing, broad-based, interactive session where many students shared their views, in several cases, deeply personal run-ins of gender-based stereotyping and disparity. Here are two little snippet videos

Aside from his regular Visiting Engagement at ARCH College of Design & Business, Kartik was asked to conduct a Basics In Film-Making Workshop for the Design students. Along with a Masterclass by Documentary Film-Maker & friend Keya Vaswani (Storyloom Films), the week-long Workshop familiarized students with the Grammar & Use of Film as a Medium of Story-Telling