Teaching & Education
Kartik conducts a slew of programs, both independently and as a Guest Lecturer. His main areas of focus are Writing, Communications, Identity Enhancement (personality development). His methods of teaching generally involve some alternative tools that range from Advertising Campaign Development to Short Film watching. He conducts Short, Medium & Long Term Workshops starting with Primary through to High School, at the School, at independent locations, and at his home. He also trains people in these areas individually and his students range from ages 5 to 65! His education-ethos is simple. Develop Covert Skills, while always espousing an inherent Social Consciousness. He has conducted Workshops for NGOs as well where his unique approach to understanding an issue and sensitizing the young includes Poster-Making, Film-Making and other involving activities that he uses effectively to generate genuine empathy towards the specific cause, be it Organ Donation or Road Safety. The visually impaired in India mostly rely on Braille. In order to offer young students an alternative, more fun way of learning, Kartik is part of a small but driven team that’s working with school students from ten schools. The group of regular students is being mentored and guided by Kartik in Voice Modulation as these kids themselves record and convert their text books into audio-books for their visually deficit counterparts!  As a Guest Lecturer, Kartik also reaches out to College Students with whom he has shared his experience in many areas such as Report Writing that directly benefit a young generation of ready-to-work candidates. His most recent teaching endaevor is his role as Writing Faculty at the beautiful, experimental Media School TOSS – The Open Space Society.  Always hungry to reach a winder audience of students and share knowledge, Kartik has recently made a foray into ONLINE Teaching where he conducts classes over skype/phone calls.

Writing, Content & Columns
Ideation, Writing (for websites, brochures, publicity material, advertising), Ghost Writing (as a commissioned writer for other people’s books) are part of Kartik’s repertoire. His partner Anuja and he, having gathered nearly 2 decades of experience in the Media Industry in Mumbai, now take on select Content Development projects that benefit from their Writing Skills, Communication Skills, and their unique perspective on the mundane, that helps them provide ‘differentiated’ yet appropriate content to clients. The couple currently works across sectors & industries with a lot of Small Businesses, the Education Sector (text books, Olympiads etc), and Online Portals patronizing their content services. Their backgrounds in the Advertising, Social Media & Television Industries have endowed them with fresh insights and a sensibility that can quickly mold itself to suit the client & intended target audience. Projects that require MORE than content are also Creatively Conceived and Supervised by the duo, to ensure cohesive and even-tone communication. So be it a Website or an Event, they will work on it and oversee it from beginning to end, while personally writing the content in addition. Kartik’s most recent regular writing, since moving back to his home-town of Jaipur, was through his column ‘Of Notes & Words’ (an insight into Music, Books & Films) in the DNA After Hours newspaper and subsequently through his own website & blog. His weekly Column (‘A Word To The Wise’) for NIE (Newspaper In Education), the Times of India’s (TOI) national education paper that goes to over 2000 schools across India, was an engagement he heartily relished for almost a year. Now Kartik is a Regular Commentator & Contributor in the area of Education. The Hindu, Entrepreneur, Business World, TOI (where he writes his regular blog Rummage Room), The Indian Express, YourStory, and The Afternoon are some leading newspapers and portals where Kartik’s writing features regularly.

Speaker, Host & Moderator
What began five years ago as a happy accident has turned into what Kartik is rather sought after for – Moderating & Hosting Erudite/Literary/Intellectual Events. Be it Book Readings, Panel Discussions, Hosting Workshops; today, with all the experience Kartik has gathered, coupled with his excellent command over language and communication skills; Kartik is ideally suited to creating an environment where Speakers feel comfortable, engaged, challenged, and rewarded. His interviewing skills also come to his aid in this area. And he is always thoroughly researched about the subject and the speaker/speakers. His peoples’ skills make sure that any audience-interaction is handled with ease, moderated & managed with dexterity, without anyone feeling left out, offended or unanswered. Kartik regularly Moderates a series called The Write Circle (a monthly event that invites an eminent author for an interaction) and is routinely asked to speak at Summits, Conferences and Host Literary Panels such as the ones he moderated on behalf of the European Union at the recently concluded World Book Fair in New Delhi. Kartik is recognized in his own right as a powerful & influential Speaker and is routinely invited to address summits, conferences & seminars as an Individual Speaker and/or Panelist on a broad range of subjects such as Education, Parenting & Culture. Kartik also serves as Member – Executive Board of the Jaipur Youth Festival