In Search of Lost Time!

The ‘Theatre of Stories’ is brought to Jaipur by our dear friends Ritu & Surya Singh of WOLF. Each year, around the time of the Literature Festival, the ‘wolves’ feel inspired and come out to howl. And this year, having got a sneak peak into their eclectic vision, the ‘exploratory universe’ they have created at the Clark’s Amer Hotel in the shape and form of their ‘Theatre of Stories’, is a veritable feast-for-the-eyes.

The artist-duo has worked closely in collaboration with many people, and Theatre of Stories is the combined brainchild of an Indo-French amalgam, manifesting in a multi-form assortment of artistic delights, thoughtfully constructed and lovingly curated. Installation, Fabric, Mixed Media Photographs, Playthings… It is ALL here.

If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so does the grotesque. Because one man’s beauty, is to another man, repulsive. That is what perception is, INDIVIDUAL. The exhibit at Clarks seems to celebrate this ‘individual perception’, or as the famous French novelist Marcel Proust opined, ‘with new eyes’. Revisiting everything from the tangible to the nostalgic, the simple to the luxurious, the mundane to the magical; Theatre of Stories reinterprets the world, anew, afresh!

Jaipur is extremely fortunate to receive this month-long exhibit, this fantasy-land of a new way of looking at our shared reality. So from the 22nd of January on, I strongly recommend students, grown ups, shoppers, non-shoppers, art lovers, and lovers & mourners of life, to drop by, and you might just find something that slipped through the cracks, In Search of Lost Time!

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