Oops, It’s a Girl!

The girl child is the world’s most precious gift. The reality in society however, particularly in many patriarchal parts of India, including my state of Rajasthan, is the diametric opposite! Its a shame really.

When my wife and I decided to have a baby, while Anuja was neutral, I desperately wanted it to be a girl. However, the pressure we felt from within the family as well as from society at large, for the yet-to-be-born to be a boy, was palpable, disgusting, frustrating, shocking! In fact in these parts, if one does end up birthing a girl, the traditional response is “koi baat nahi, next time” – meaning don’t despair, better luck next time!

This isn’t something new, unknown, or not chronicled. But it is just something that has upset me so much, I had to write about it. After fretting and fuming about it for months, I have come to realize that….

Oops it’s a girl, that may be how you feel. But it’s my girl. Joyous, beautiful, gift; a human manifestation of our love. This divine creature we’ve been blessed with is our everything, our greatest creation, our single biggest delight. And the world can go to hell for all I care. We will love her, protect her, nurture her, free her, expose her, amaze her, entertain her, educate her, be there for her, unconditionally.

To my daughter Krisha, I promise, both Anuja and I the proudest parents, will devote ourselves to you, absolutely. Because a girl, is, beyond a shred of doubt, mankind’s savior.