Its NOT A Toy-Train!

A quick post since I’m swamped with work. But this one I couldn’t resist. I’ve talked about this amazing guy I follow on youtube – Robert Llewellyn and his channel Fully Charged, which, as the name suggests, focuses on clean, sustainable energy with a definite bias on Battery Power.

A Tesla Model S owner and user himself, Robert usually does many interesting things on his channel including regular news-updates on developments in the world of clean energy. He also regularly visits sites across the UK and Europe where governments and local/private companies individually and/or in partnership are slowly but steadily replacing fossil-fuel powered grids with Wind, Solar, Battery and other cleaner energy alternatives.

In this particular video, which I found of to be special interest and importance; Robert is at the helm of an under-development Battery-Powered commercial Train! Sure we have come a long way with battery-powering small private use vehicles. But to really take this entire clean-vehicle movement to the next level, we need to make our commercial vehicles, clean. And this is a possible peak into that extremely exciting future. With Tesla announcing its Semi Truck with a possible range of over 300 miles; a Train that is actually running on clean battery power is very very promising.

For all of us in India, due to legislation, infrastructure and other limitations, we are still a fair ways away from where Europe and the UK are in terms of Clean Energy. Having said that, we can keep abreast, and support these endeavors in our own little ways. Why not begin by watching this remarkable video?

Web Gyaan!

So I have shared one ‘film gyaan’ until now. And in the ‘gyaan’ series, I thought it only fitting, as we move further away from consuming content through traditional media into new media, that I share one of my absolute favorite youtube channels.

The best part about this youtuber, an English gentleman by the name of┬áRobert Llewellyn, is that he produces and hosts one of the maddest, most informative, most non-preachy, and most entertaining ‘Electric-Green’ Energy channels out there. Aptly called Fully Charged, Robert presents and shares some wonderful insights into the future of electrification and clean energy solutions, all in his inimitable, slightly eccentric but totally endearing style!

He’s out to prove to all the naysayers, one of which I was myself until recently, that Clean can be Cool! And what better way to prove that, than with a video from his channel about an Electric, old school, super cool Porsche 911!!!

Hope you enjoy. And please subscribe to his youtube channel and keep up with all the latest in the world of clean energy!