“Teacher Don’t Preach” and other Pleas of a Student

Teachers, please don’t be preachers

Teachers, please don’t ill treat us

Teachers, we’re not all the same

Teachers, at least half-way, meet us

Teachers, we aren’t stupid

Teachers, don’t order us

Inspire us

Teachers, don’t scold us

Explain to us

Teachers, please see it our way

Teachers, it can’t be just your way

Teachers, make the class fun

Teachers, don’t hold up that gun

Teachers, we want to learn, we promise

But not from books, if we’re being honest

Teachers, share yourselves with us

So we too, can be ourselves, All Of Us

Teachers, don’t berate us

Instead, encourage us

Teachers, we want to love you

Respect you

Look up to you

Guide us

Politely chide us

But most of all

Excite us!

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