The Parent TRAP!

Just the other night, Anuja and I went out on a date! It was a good six months since we’d been out at night sans our baby Krisha. As we ordered our drinks and sat down (in peace), it was the strangest sensation. Not having to run after Krisha, or feed her, or walk her, or pacify her, or socialize her. We were on a date, with NOTHING TO DO!

Its not mystery what happened next… We talked mostly about our daughter! And that is what happens with most new/first time parents I reckon. Because we have had our child relatively late (at least compared to our friends), we would always wonder, be bored, be alarmed even, when they’d just go on and on and on about their respective kids. Its as if there was no other facet to their lives, nothing else they could speak of. And now, we’re pretty much sailing the same choppy waters! Poetic justice? Naah…

Because that’s the thing about parenting. All the while Pishu (Krisha’s pet name) awake, one wishes she’d sleep (not for any other reason except needing a break, physically and mentally). But the moment she knocks off, we miss her and wish she’d wake up! Its such a contradictory feeling.

Anuja and I have screamed hoarse in the past year about not getting enough alone time, enough ‘adult’ time, enough ‘self’ time. Truth be told. This is more out of the innate human instinct to crib. If we really asked ourselves seriously, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We wouldn’t trade our daughter for anything on the PLANET!

In fact, if anything, having Krisha I feel has brought us closer. We’re a happy, merry threesome now. We do everything together. Shopping, playing, reading, listening to music. We try not to baby-talk and I suspect that’s the reason she’s already picked up many words that seem to be beyond her age. She is perceptive, naughty, delightful, intelligent, inquisitive, strong-headed. And I think all of this comes from the fact that if not us both, at least one of us, especially Anuja, is with her every waking moment. We don’t believe in maids, don’t have one, don’t intend to.

Why? Because we’re just loving being in the proverbial ‘parent trap’! 🙂

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