The VIRTUAL Classroom

I’m someone who shares a love-hate relationship with technology. While on the one hand I do subscribe to a Speaker-Home Automation System such as Amamzon Echo, on the other, I run as fast as I can, the opposite direction from complicated cell phones and the like.

Perhaps based on this theory of ‘impersonal’ technology, I had, until recently, in all my years of teaching, never taken on a ‘distance’ student. I’d been approached often to take classes on Skype or some online platform but had largely steered clear. I’d convinced myself that in order to teach effectively, teacher and student must interact in the physical realm.

I’m pleasantly surprised to share that I was wrong, and that I’d made a sweeping assumption. That if the student is dedicated and one has a reasonably quick internet connection (a non-negotiable prerequisite), the proliferation of knowledge is only aided by the ‘virtual classroom’. Just recently I have agreed to lessons for a few students whom I teach online. Am I succumbing to the trend of the many virtual-institutions that are out there? No, I’ve never been governed by the popular or trendy. What I am delighted to report is that these few ‘online classes’ have proved most wonderful.

I usually take these classes for an hour each. They are either through video-calls or simple phone calls. And especially for my areas of education – Communications, Writing, and Identity Enhancement, they have, until now, worked a treat.

Like I always say… Any human being, teacher or student, young or old, parent or child; is constantly learning, evolving, growing, gaining. I’m happy I embraced online teaching. It only means I reach more pupils, and spread the light 🙂

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